Portable UVIS Solutions

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    LowCam® VI110 UVIS

    Lightweight Portability for Heavyweight Protection

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    Lowcam® VI210 UVIS

    Lightweight Portability for Heavyweight Protection in UHD 

Permanent UVIS Solutions

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    LowCam® VI150 UVIS

    Maximum Fixed Security

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    Lowcam® VI250 UVIS

    Maximum Fixed Security in UHD 

Wireless UVIS Solutions

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    LowCam® VI100 UVIS

    Peace of Mind 24/7. Or Just When You Need It.

  • Introducing the First-Ever, Battery-Powered Under Vehicle Inspection System.

    Advanced Detection Technology arms you with military-grade equipment and technological know-how on a budget, to help keep your special events running smoothly when an improvised checkpoint is needed. Regardless if you are part of a convention and visitors bureau, a school principal, an event planner, or ad hoc security personnel, if safety for large gatherings is part of your job requirement, our LowCam® VI100 Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) can be set up and used quickly and efficiently whenever and wherever your event takes place. And it does so wirelessly.

    Special events or locations that may warrant improvised security may include:

    • School events, including sports, concerts, parent/teacher conferences, or school plays
    • Emergency management locations, such as law enforcement or hospitals
    • Professional sporting events, such as golf or tennis
    • Churches / Houses of worship
    • Political gatherings
    • Speaking events
    • Charity events
    • Concerts

    After all, life doesn’t stand still. Situations are fluid. Environments cannot always be controlled. However, doing nothing is not an option. The risk must be mitigated and assets protected.

    You can’t put a price on safety, but this one is affordable.